Find answers to the most common questions about our services.

Source: The Sun, UK

Q: Can I order for someone I care about?
A: YES, of course! You can change the amount of spells when you checkout. Buy for the whole family if you wish. Just have full name(s), birth date(s) and current location(s) (city & country) of the person(s).

Q: How long will the health spell last?
A: It’s designed to protect you for 6 months. After that you need to order a new spell if you want to keep being protected. (or add the booster option when you complete the purchase)

Q: How much will your health protection spell protect?
A: The spell will boost your immune system to fight the coronavirus. You will be protected from the worst outcomes due to the virus, but not immune from contracting it. So, basically, you buy this spell to make sure you only get a mild virus infection (if you get it). Please follow the “advise for public” set by the W.H.O.!

Q: Why are you not offering a health protection spell that protects me from even getting the virus?
A: Imagine an invisible tsunami approaching you. This tsunami has enormous amount of energies and it can’t be stopped. We need to make sure you are not overwhelmed and that you come out healthy and alive when the coronavirus-tsunami has passed! If we would actually cast such a spell, we would only be able o help very few clients. This is the best option to help many!

Q: Can I purchase the health spell if I already have the coronavirus?
A: No, this spell is affective on healthy clients as the spell needs 3-4 days before kicking in. By then it might be too late. Remember to always call emergency if you are very sick!

Q: How long after I purchased the spell will you do the cast?
A: Normally within 24-36h. We do our best to be faster than that but as you know, many seek our help at the moment.

Q: Do you offer installments?
A: Since we only ask you to cover the cost of the materials, we can not do that.

Q: Do you offer any guarantee?
A: Yes, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the service we provide, we will of course refund your amount, no questions asked. We only ask you to give the health spell 6 months and the wealth spell until Jan 1, 2021.